4 Effective Ways to Power-Up Traffic to Your Store

July 28, 2020

4 – 5 minute read:

Generating traffic to your site can be one of the greatest sources of revenue for your store. If more people visit the site then sales become more likely, however, this can be easier said than done. How exactly do you generate more traffic without spending crazy amounts on marketing? We put together 4 strategies that are sure to bring in more visitors to your e-commerce store.

Perfect Your SEO

Search engine optimization can be one of the most powerful items in your toolbelt. It allows you to rank higher in search engine results ultimately making your website appear more trustworthy and popular. Try researching the keywords that your target audience is using as well as the ones your competitors have implemented on their site. This will give you a good idea of which keywords could be worth using.

It is helpful to include these specific keywords into your content and back end tags, but so are long-tail phrases. These consist of three to five words and are very specific. When a customer is searching for something highly specific, your page will appear since it is unlikely that other stores have implemented the same one. These phrases should make your website stand out so that when searched, your page is at the top. 

Use Social Media to Your Advantage

Social media’s strongest power is that of highly effective targeting abilities. When you create an advertising campaign on social media sites such as Facebook or Instagram, you will be able to target your viewers to perfectly match your target audience. This makes them more likely to click on them and visit your site since they will automatically be more interested in the content. These types of campaigns are paid but very much worth it since your ads are only shown to people who are likely to engage with them and not to random people.

Another advantage of social media is influencer marketing. By partnering up with an influencer on the platforms, you will be able to reach a wider audience by tapping into their followers. These people have already built a reputation and trust from their followers making their promotion of your products seem more genuine and well-received.

Analyze Important Traffic Data

It is important to know where your traffic is coming from and who it consists of in order to be able to identify weak spots that need improvement. This can be done with a data analysis app such as the UI Ave Analytics app. One of its many reports gives a full easy to understand breakdown of your Shopify store’s traffic such as the medium where it came from, the average page views, and the average session duration. It also allows you to see this information for each specific page on your store, along with how each keyword is performing. 

This type of information is greatly valuable since it allows store owners to track any changes they may have made such as posting a new blog article or changing backend information on a specific product page. Once these changes are made, you will be able to identify if they generated more traffic or should be improved for next time.

Create Helpful Expert Content

In order for potential visitors to visit your site, they must first have at least some trust in your brand. One way to build that trust is by positioning yourself as an industry expert through the creation of helpful and engaging content. By providing genuine and informative advice or engaging visuals, your brand starts to be known for providing value. When customers see your name they will be more likely to visit the store since they know from previous experiences that they will gain something from viewing the content.

This type of content does not need to be limited to your website, it can also be through the form of email marketing. Promotion emails are great and serve a specific purpose but they can become frustrating after a while if not accompanied by more value-providing content. You can add in more informative industry related emails into the mix in order to show people that you care about more than just getting their purchases.


Generating traffic can discourage many e-commerce businesses, but it does not need to be as scary as it seems. By creating a strategy to bring in customers using the four tips above, store owners will be able to increase both organic traffic and social media traffic, ultimately leading to more sales made.


  • Perfect Your SEO
    • Research the right keywords
    • Use general keywords along with long-tail phrases
  • Use Social Media to Your Advantage
    • Highly target your campaigns 
    • Paid social media ad campaigns 
    • Influencer marketing
  • Analyze Important Traffic Data
    • Understand where your traffic is coming from
    • Track keyword and specific page performance
    • Identify areas to improve
  • Create Helpful Expert Content
    • Position yourself as an industry expert
    • Informative email marketing

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