Brand Building: The Key to E-Commerce Success

August 4, 2020

4 – 5 minute read:

Branding is one of the most important aspects of a company’s success. It allows businesses to show their personality and mission, creating a deeper connection with the customer when they find them relatable. However, how do you create it correctly? The key is in aligning it with your desired target audience.

Select your target audience

Selecting your target audience should be one of the first steps when starting a new e-commerce business. This crucial task allows businesses to identify the customers that will be purchasing their products, and therefore tailor those products to meet the customers’ needs.

When finding your target audience, it is important to be very specific and find a segment that other companies are not targeting as well. Use metrics such as demographics, lifestyle behaviour, personality traits, and hobbies in order to select the right people to target.

The better you know your target audience, the better you will be able to connect with the people it comprises. Understand their likes and dislikes, their needs, and their specific purchasing behaviour. When you know this crucial information, it becomes easier to create products and a brand that meets these requirements putting you ahead of competitors.

If you think your target audience is too narrow, it probably isn’t. If anything, you can always expand it later if needed, but it is much easier to gain traction with a smaller audience. 

Align your brand to match

Once you have your target audience clearly defined, it is time to create your branding. This consists of the personality your company will portray and the mission it seeks to accomplish on a regular basis.

When people feel a genuine connection with a brand it is because their own personal characteristics align with the company’s personality and mission. They will be more likely to purchase from you because they trust your company due to its relatable branding.

One main way to portray this is through your website and content. All communication should match a defined style and tone. This style is intended to show the personality that your brand has defined for itself and should be recognizable by viewers.

Your brand should also be created in consideration of serving your audience’s needs and problems. For example, if you know that potential customers matching your target audience description are aged between 60 and 70, your visual design should be more straightforward and traditional.

Create high-value customers

The more closely you align your store’s branding to match your target audience, the easier it will be to create high-value customers. These people will make repeat purchases and bring in a large portion of your company’s revenue. In order to turn regular customers into high-value ones, it is important to release helpful and informative content that brings value rather than just valuing sales.

Follow back post-purchase to ensure customer satisfaction and further show that your brand personality includes caring about the customer’s experience.

Building a community where customers can interact with one another, join industry-related discussions, and communicate with your company is a great way to create high-value customers. These types of groups, whether online or in person, create a sense of belonging and build a stronger connection between customer and brand.

Keep track of customer base

Knowing whether or not your customers match your target audience is easy with a data analysis tool such as the UI Ave Analytics app for Shopify. It shows a full breakdown of your customers’ individual purchasing behaviour and information. This gives you a clear and easy to understand view into who your customers are and quickly reveals any gaps between them and the target audience.

As time passes and you gain a better understanding of both your existing customers and target audience, your branding should be refined to better align the two. While large, significant changes can be detrimental in most situations, small tweaks can bring you closer to reaching this group of people and marketing to them.


Branding is important for all businesses since it leads to customers relating to the company or not. People are much more likely to make purchases from businesses that match their personal characteristics and beliefs, and serve their needs best. In order for your company to do this, it must first identify a clear and specific target audience based on which the branding will then be created to match. Doing so will help retain high-value customers and is the key to your store’s success.


  • Select your target audience
    • Be specific 
    • Demographics, lifestyle, hobbies, personality traits 
    • Understand their likes, dislikes, and needs
    • You can always expand later if needed
  • Align your brand to match
    • Build the perfect story, personality, and mission
    • Align your website and content
    • Serve their needs, solve their problems 
  • Create high-value customers 
    • Release helpful and informative content 
    • Follow back post-purchase
    • Build a community 
  • Keep track of customer base
    • Ensure customers match the target 
    • Find gaps and address them 
    • Refine over time 

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