Brand Creation: Building Popups

July 17, 2019

If you have not checked out our general article on when to build a popup, take a look. Otherwise this post will cover one strategy on how to use popups to maximize profit while not jeopardizing the creation your brand.

What do we mean by jeopardizing your brand?

Consider a store that has multiple popups all with a 20% discount coupon running year round. You should ask yourself, “If there is always a discount, is there a discount?”. That is what your customers are asking too. Your customers are not stupid, they will generally catch on and like I’ve mentioned in the other article above, you don’t want to stuck known as the brand that always has discounts. Well maybe some do, but most businesses don’t. Examine your the data you collect and let the statistics convince you.

Our Goal

Our Goal: Prioritize maximizing brand creation via Popups, and increasing sales at the same time.

UI Avenue: Brand Creation Popups

Key Features

Below I have taken some key features as to when to display popups and will advise whether or not they are suitable for brand building and in what scenarios.

Limited Time PromotionYesIt is necessary to create a sense of urgency, to set the user’s expectations that sale will end at a specific date. These promotional sales
shouldn’t be periodic, in order to avoid setting user expectations there’s going to always be a sale.
Display After X TimeSometimesCombined with limited time promotions or promotions for specific products, this can be useful to engage the customer about a limited time sale. Have a purpose/campaign for a popup, don’t give a discount for the sake of getting a sale.
On ExitSometimesUseful in the situation where the customer didn’t find the product they were looking for. As such, offer an email subscription allowing you to reach out to them when there are new products or a product changes.
Add to CartNoThese popups can help with reducing cart abandonment, but do not give a user a discount just for the sake of a sale.
Return to SiteNoSimilar to Add to Cart feature, do not give coupons just for the sake of a sale, returning customers will see through your strategy.
Product Page ViewSometimesCombined with limited time promotions, you can feature certain products that you see as popular. Sales of these high quality products will help to build positive reviews and positive results, therefore reinforcing the quality of your brand.
On Specific Page ViewYesUse this type of popup to connect to other marketing campaigns so that users can see the popup with the specific coupon code on arrival to the website. Making sure user experience flows smoothly is key to building a good professional image.


One thing is clear, the use of popups is not standalone, it should be combined with external campaign tools to achieve the best results. Design your popups around campaigns and goals, never issue a discount strictly for the sake of a sale.

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