How to add a Coupon Code to a Popup Shopify

July 16, 2019

How To Series: UI Popup
– covering how to’s when using our popup application
– if you haven’t installed it yet please check out this post on how to get started: Getting Started

Coupon Codes

Adding a coupon code to a popup is a basic necessity, for any popup application to have on Shopify. In fact popups have been frequently associated with coupon codes, and it’s almost expected that a popup of any sort on an e-commerce store contains some discount or promotional sale.

We maintain that there are two ways to go about using coupon codes and popups: Brand Creation and/or Maximizing Short Term Sales. Although, we obviously prefer to lead our users toward brand creation, but we also explore the other side and build different features for that as well. Furthermore, we have written articles on When to Build a Popup for Brand Creation and When to Build a Popup in General. You should definitely check out prior to making popups that could negatively impact your branding.

Tutorial: Add that Coupon

This post covers the basics of adding a coupon code onto the UI Popup app for Shopify. This is a fairly simple task so this tutorial will be brief.

UI Avenue Popup Example


  1. Open the App inside of your store admin -> Apps -> UI Popup
  2. Open an existing Popup or Create a new Popup
  3. Under Step 2 – Customize your content -> Promo Code
    Adjust the Promo Code
  4. And you are Done
UI Avenue - Instructions on Entering Coupon Code

It is as simple as that. We at UI Avenue want to make it as simple as possible for our Shopify Store owners so that they can focus on making better products and making the business decisions that we can’t help with. We do what we can, you that you can grow your business without worrying too much on the technical side. Let’s build a mutual relationship.