How to Select a Date Range for Popup Shopify

July 17, 2019

Series: UI Popup
– covering how to’s when using our popup application
– if you haven’t installed it yet please check out this post on how to get started: Getting Started

We’ve covered when to use a popup in this post: When to Use a Popup. Take some time to read the post, if you want to take a deeper dive into why having the ability to select a date range is an important feature for maintaining your brand.

Just a quick rehash – the ability to select a date range when creating a popup and it’s associated coupon is practical, creates urgency, sets expectations of your customers. All of which is helpful for building brand. There are few things worse than setting the wrong expectations for your customers. You want to present your brand through your website as consistent with a great user experience. Popups with coupon codes that are already expired will only serve to confuse your customers and hurt your image.

Our blog likes to focus on the ability to help the our users understand that all apps are just tools for helping you build your brand and/or make sales. We have a post on Brand Creation: Building a Popup, it provides a look into efficiently using a popup app to help with brand creation and consistency.

Selecting a Date Range

Let’s get to adding a date range to your popup on Shopify. Assuming you have our app installed, it is quite simple to set a date range.

UI Avenue Popup - Select a Date Range


  1. Open the App inside of your store admin -> Apps -> UI Popup
  2. Open an existing Popup or Create a new Popup
  3. Under Step 4 – Select live dates
    Select the dates of which you want the popup to display or select Permanently live
  4. And you are Done

We have just added a date range to your Shopify popup. That was very easy, as we try to keep the useful features front and center to make this experience as simple as possible for our customers. If you have any questions feel free to contact our support via the app or on our contact.