How to Show a Popup on Return to the Site – Shopify

July 17, 2019

How to Series: UI Popup
– covering how to’s when using our popup application
– if you haven’t installed it yet please check out this post on how to get started: Getting Started

Return to Site Popup

I’ll be honest, when googling this, there wasn’t a whole lot of information out there on Popups that activate when a user returns to the site, yet I feel like this is a necessary functionality to have. Of course there are different functionalities that connect to different users on your website. For this functionality, I would like to group users into a specific bucket.

In this bucket we have customers that:

  • do research by browsing different sites before making their choice
  • can’t decide immediately on whether they want/need the item

Based on data, 88% of consumers pre-research products online before making a purchase.

Consider this Scenario: Returning User

UI Avenue - Return to Site Bucket

A. A user arrives at your website in search a cool product that you provide.

B. That user is also researching multiple products across multiple websites before making their decision.

C. We want to target those users who are returning to your site after conducting their research. And at this point users are generally returning to your site to either perform more research and do a comparison between your product and that of a competitor. Or they are back to purchase your product.

D. Make the decision easier for your customers by showing them a discount popup on returning to your website.

E. Convert the customer with this targeted popup.

Summary: In this situation it is important to engage these users, and this will lead to an increase in sales.

Now we see the importance of the “on return to website” popup for promoting sales; however this is not always the best solution for building a brand. If you want to build a brand rather just purely focusing on maximizing sales we recommend that you check out our post on Brand Creation vs Maximizing Sales.

Building “On Return to Website” Popup with UI Popup – Shopify

Let’s cover how to build the on return to site popup in Shopify using our application. The instructions are as follows:

  1. Open the App inside of your store admin -> Apps -> UI Popup
  2. Open an existing Popup or Create a new Popup
  3. Under Step 5 – Select display type
    Select the Return to Site in the drop down and add a minimum return time
    We recommend the default of 1 hr return time.
  4. And you are Done
UI Avenue Popup - Return to Site Setting