New Feature: Custom Data Analytics Reports

October 22, 2020

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In order to continue our goal of helping Shopify store owners improve their store, we have released a new feature for our app; custom data analytics reports. There have always been nine reports that cover a wide variety of data available from your store. However, now we have added the ability to create your own. 

This new feature is great for combining data in a way that is custom for you and your needs. Not all store owners have the same data needs, some might care more about conversions while others prefer to see traffic. With the new feature, you are able to create reports that display the data you need, using the easiest to understand graph type for you.

See the data most important to you

This tool allows you to tailor the app to your specific needs. Since we have been working closely with numerous Shopify store owners, we have seen that each of them is facing different challenges. Our goal is to help solve them all. The custom reports are customizable for these specific needs, ultimately making the app show you the data you need most. 

Our custom data analytics reports are the perfect tool for solving all the different challenges you as a Shopify store owner may face.

Say you create a campaign for mobile visitors only. You can create a report page showing information filtered to match this scenario only. We made it easy to narrow down and focus on what matters.

Get started with premade templates

We have also created more than twenty premade templates that you can start off with. These graphs are used throughout the app on the existing report pages. You can add them to your own custom report or use them as a starting point. 

Data can be displayed through ten different graph types. Whether you prefer to look at line graphs, pie charts, or tables, these options and more are available for any data type. This freedom to display the data you need in the most understandable way makes this new feature the perfect tool for solving all different challenges you as a Shopify store owner may face.

Perfect layout and sizes

You can easily organize graphs with the automated page layout. Graphs align themselves next to each other according to the size you give them, always filling up available space. Since we use a grid layout, the graph sizing is easy to understand. 

You can also reorder the graphs if you ever change your mind. This way, you can place two graphs next to each other if they contain data you want to compare or relate together and change them later on if they are no longer relevant. 

Features in this Update:

  • Customize reports to see the data that matters to you.
  • We offer this feature across all our tiers including our free product tier.
  • Unlimited custom reports.
  • 10 graph types to visualize data in more ways and easily make sense of it.
  • 20+ premade templates that you can use or further customize.
  • Filters to narrow down data.
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