General: When to use a Popup on Shopify

July 15, 2019

Before we get started, there are a few things we need should clarify. A Popup app is a tool or medium for which to advertise information, a product, or a sale.

A Popup app is a tool or medium for which to advertise information, a product, or a sale.

What does that mean? It means you should not be creating popups for the sake of having popups, because to be honest for most people and shoppers, popups are as annoying as hell. It’s just one extra step to click to close before being able to view the content that the user actually came for. But it doesn’t have to be that way for everyone, different designs work for different people.

In this post we will explore the primary reasons why and when people should be building popups.

Advertising Campaigns with a Popup

What is a campaign?

A marketing campaign is a strategy to promote products or sales using different types of tools or mediums. For a more in depth description see this definition by investopedia.

What this means is that a marketing campaign consists of multiple tools that serve to advertise the same product or sale. And in simpler terms, we shouldn’t be using popups all the time, but only in certain circumstances/campaigns to advertise a product or a promotion. A popup should be used in conjunction with your other marketing tools to as all part of one larger campaign.

Other marketing tools include: TV, radio, print, social media and online paid advertisement like google adwords or facebook ads.

Why we shouldn’t be using popups all the time

Popups as mentioned above are by design intrusive and meant to ALERT a customer of specific information. But imagine if you had popups all the time showing discount code. It works great for the first time users, but it is not great for brand building.

As a returning customer that knows there are discount sales all the time, I would avoid purchasing anything and just wait for the sales period which is all but guaranteed. Now you would only have customers that shop for your product when there is a discount, and you have set the expectation that there will always be a discount sale. When there are no discounts, sales will be slow.

You will be slowly trapping your brand into a “Buy when discounted” category and no one wants that.

When do we use popups?

  • When we have a specific product we want to promote
  • When we have some old or extra product that we want to get rid of
  • When we want to create a special or seasonal sale (be careful with falling into the “Buy when discounted” trap)
  • When we have important information to convey
  • When we want people to sign up for a mailing list
  • When we want to build our brand

Example Campaign with Popup

For example, I have just manufactured a new design of shoe and I want to promote that shoe and hype up the shoe for pre-sales. Pre-sales will help fund large initial orders to reduce manufacturing cost. The goal is to sell as many shoes for a reasonable profit as possible. This is great for many other reasons too, it allows you to get an idea for market demand, popularity, and you gain data to help you make decisions on that products future.

What do I do? Create a new shoe X11 campaign.

What is included in this campaign? Popup Campaign
Obviously we create a popup that advertises the new shoe is available for pre-sale with a discount code which is only available until actual launch date. This creates urgency for your users, it allows the chance for some of your users to be the first owners of a shiny new item. It also creates hype through word of mouth as users share that information within their circles.

We also need to do more, we need to advertise through social media, tv, radio, print, and paid online ads. We combine what we do on the website with different media advertisements to create one connected campaign. I have seen multiple campaigns also include a kickstarter.

Popups are simply tools to convey messages urgently.

Popups are simply tools to convey messages with urgency, if you use them properly, it will help to increase sales and conversions.