Easy to use dashboards show you the most important data all in one place so that you can make smart, quick decisions.


Track performance through our grading system and identify which areas need further attention. Use new alerts and notifications to find effective solutions and improvements that can be made.


Make sense of powerful data to get a full understanding of your store's performance. Track important measures such as revenue, conversion rate, and traffic information among many others.


Identify your best and worst performers. Get a sales funnel for each individual product so you can get an accurate picture of how each of your products compare to each other.


Take a deep dive into your existing customers and their purchase history to grab new insights. Or segment your customers into customer buckets to export into mailing lists for email marketing campaigns.


We've got you covered! Stay up to date with any urgent issues in your store's performance with our notifications and view potential improvements that can be made.


Our system will automatically detect issues and insights within your data. To make these easier to understand, we have also then written related articles to guide you through what you can do.

To Dos

Alerts and insights can be managed in a nice To Dos page with an easy to use Kanban board design. Keep track of completed items and tasks requiring urgent action.


Page speed is important! If your store has slow loading times you can miss out on potential customers. Find areas that are slowing down your site and suggestions on how to improve them.

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