Session Replay Video Update

August 20, 2020

Shopify Session Replay Videos

3 – 4 minute read

Today is a bright day for our customers. As part of our goal to push forward with ways to help our clients and other Shopify store owners improve their store. We have added a new feature to our app; the Session Replay Video feature. For some context, a session replay video is a video recording of your customer’s journey across your website. This will undoubtedly help you discover where your customers are spending their time and how they drop off. This tool allows you to understand exactly who, where, and why your customers are dropping off. If you are seeing this page, you are obviously looking to try and make more sales; so help yourself.

The most frequent question we see is: “Why am I not getting sales when I have traffic.”

This is something we have covered before. We have worked with all types of customers over the last year and we like to help them improve their business. We have been offering free consultations with our signup to help identify anything that could be causing issues. Session Replays presents a tool to better narrow down and identify why customers are not converting. When combining session replays with our reporting and analytics systems, we can narrow down what subsection of traffic needs improvement. Look at your store from your customers’ perspective and see what makes them tick.

Store Optimization

There is a lot to understanding session replays and visitors. One visitor’s experience is not the same as another especially if you are running in the internet business that spans across multiple countries. The experience a customer gets from clicking on an advertisement might not even be the same as those who reach your site organically. The goal is to identify the user flow and customer behavior that need improvement. You will be able to eliminate elements or products that aren’t working for you and save you both time and money.

Tracking Every Click and Cursor Movement

We have created an impressive data collection system to maximize the amount of user interactions to track every click and cursor movement. It was built to maximize the tracking of user interactions right up until the customer leaves the website. A lot of our competitors will miss events and even entire pages, but we have optimized and tested A LOT just to make sure that we recreate a customer’s experience as accurately as possible.

Turn your visitors into customers

Using our app we have a basic step by step guide to solve all your problems. You could always just contact us and we’d be glad to help too.

  1. Identify which traffic segment has a low conversion rate
    Is it mobile? Is it traffic coming from Facebook? Is it traffic landing on Product Page A?
  2. What are some poor performing metrics for this traffic segment? Bounce Rate? Time on Page? Page Load Speed?
  3. Filter and watch the replay videos of that traffic segment.
  4. Look for trends or issues in the video recordings and find a way to make improvements.

There is always something to improve, otherwise you have the perfect website. Keep looking for improvements and your website’s conversion rate and profit will continue to grow.

Features in this Update:

  • Watch your customers interact with your store.
  • We offer this feature across all our tiers including our free product tier.
  • Filters to segment your recordings to narrow down your session recordings.
  • Unlimited recording sessions for the last 30 days rolling.
  • Removes customer personal information.
  • GDPR compatible.

Future Features

  • Custom Reports
  • Customer Heatmaps

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