Leverage your eCommerce analytics.

Let our app make it easy for you to take a deep dive into your data. See exactly where and why your customers are dropping off. Don't wait, let's start working together now!

UI Ave Analytics

Powerful data reports, designed for the eCommerce business owner.

Tracked events
Secure data

Easily track and analyze your online shop’s data.

Evaluate your performance based grade report cards.


Empower your decisions with goal based KPIs.

Tools to help you boost revenue

Trackable KPIs

Paint an accurate picture of your performance through Key Performance Indicators.

Industry benchmarks

Constantly updated by our clients' data, providing up-to-date performance based on your peers.

Improve product performance

Gain detailed breakdown and sales funnel of each product.

Simple, powerful charts

Access purposeful data through intuitive charts advising you on how and when to use your data.

Performance driven report cards

Identify key areas for you to explore in your data, then see how and where to make improvements.


Don’t just take our word for it

See how we’ve helped our customers build on their eCommerce businesses.

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See how we’ve helped our customers build on their eCommerce businesses.

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